Friday, 4 December 2009

The Qualls Guide to the Lower Class Glaswegian Family - Introduction

WELCOME to the 'QUALLS Guide to the Lower Class Glaswegian family'.

This guide will provide an invaluable insight into the life of a typical lower class Glaswegian family, with no consideration for political correctness or general piles of government-funded shite.

The guide will start with looking at the alcoholic husband, then the long-suffering wife and then the angelic weans (aka the children). It will look at the family abode and the family pets. It will also look at aspects of the Glaswegian man's persona such as recreational activities, political views, travel and 'law and order'.

The guide will also include quotes from Glaswegian people and will include (if necessary) translations of certain slang words, in brackets.

The Glaswegian family is a complicated one. Some might say dysfunctional. But as this guide will show, Glaswegians are truly the salt of the gutter. This guide will help explain the psyche of the Glaswegian and enlighten those too feart to venture anywhere near Scotland's biggest city.

Were your preconceptions of the Glaswegian family stereotypical? Or did you have other ideas? Hopefully, this guide (to be updated periodically - translation to self-aware Glaswegians: when ah kin be arsed!) will answer any questions you may have had regarding the lower class Glaswegian family.

Disclaimer: Ah'm frae a lower class Glaswegian family masel, so if ye've anyhin disparagin tae say aboot it, get it right up ye!

The accuracy ae this article can be debated as ah dinnae huv a da', or any brothers. Ah huv a maw, but she disnae smoke.

To view aspects of the Glaswegian Family, please click on one of the following links: The Husband, The Wife, The Children

If ah'm infringin any copyright, please let me know and ah'll take doon said infringed copyright material. Ah hope ye kin live wae yersel knowin that ah'll huv to suffer real neds to get mer accurate photos. Cheers pal!
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  1. Nice one Mr Qualls!! : )) You still make me laugh as always. Aww I do miss you. Keep up the writing Leon. Sharyn xx

  2. Thanks love, you always make me smile. And take your own advice! ;) xxx

  3. Cupid Stunt's Mary Hinge8 December 2009 at 10:50

    You impetuous wee cunt! Ma wife has no cooked pish fer me! What makes you think it matters a jot what you think about it?

  4. Brilliant Leon. Although this Cupid Stunt guy doesn't seem tae agree no? :)

  5. Cupid Stunt is a hard man to please. Haha. ;)

  6. Jon 'The Power' Powell13 December 2009 at 05:14

    i am indeed. ha!